Thursday, August 23, 2012

Posters, a 7", Some More Etc...

It's been a while and these little things stack up. There are other things in the corners of my room or my computer that I'll get around to posting soon.
Record Room Poster That I Didn't Mean To Spend Much Time On.
Shockingly, Not Even My Idea! An Ongoing Alternative To "Last Thursday",
An Over Saturated  "Arts Walk" in an Adjacent Neighborhood to Record Room.   

My Poster for Record Store Day at Record Room.
I Was Waiting to Post it Because I Did One for Everyday Music Too, But I Never Got the Scan...

The Cover of a European Tour 7" for the Fine Band Blood Beach.
It's Going to Be Silkscreened, So I'll Scan the Final Product When I Get My Hands On It.

The Back Cover to the 7".
Shane From Blood Beach Gave Me a "Pros & Cons" List to Help Me Decide if I Should Do it or Not.
The "Cons" List Ended: "Nobody Likes Us."

A Pen & Ink Drawing on a Wooden Box Containing a Very Good Mix CD That I Made for a Group Art Show,
Wherein I Sold Nothing.  

Another Piece That I Made For the Same Show.
This One Was Not Displayed.
It Looks a Lot Cooler in the Frame. 

A Drawing Commissioned from my Friend Kelly for a Tattoo
That the Artist Refused to do Because It was too Detailed.
I Know These Things, I Just Can't Help It.

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