Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New CD Covers, Another Poster, Etcetera...

Poster For Record Room's Second Anniversary.
I  had the idea for a while, and was happy to have an excuse to execute it.

Someone I thought was Buster Benton, but turned out to be Byther Smith. 

New logo for Everyday Music, expertly screen printed onto tote bags by Tyler Ferrin.
I'll try to follow up with a photo of the bags. It looks better. 

Frank Frost. For Fuel Label Group.

Freddy Fender. First "non-blues" commission from Fuel.

Little Joe Blue. For Fuel.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Posters, a 7", Some More Etc...

It's been a while and these little things stack up. There are other things in the corners of my room or my computer that I'll get around to posting soon.
Record Room Poster That I Didn't Mean To Spend Much Time On.
Shockingly, Not Even My Idea! An Ongoing Alternative To "Last Thursday",
An Over Saturated  "Arts Walk" in an Adjacent Neighborhood to Record Room.   

My Poster for Record Store Day at Record Room.
I Was Waiting to Post it Because I Did One for Everyday Music Too, But I Never Got the Scan...

The Cover of a European Tour 7" for the Fine Band Blood Beach.
It's Going to Be Silkscreened, So I'll Scan the Final Product When I Get My Hands On It.

The Back Cover to the 7".
Shane From Blood Beach Gave Me a "Pros & Cons" List to Help Me Decide if I Should Do it or Not.
The "Cons" List Ended: "Nobody Likes Us."

A Pen & Ink Drawing on a Wooden Box Containing a Very Good Mix CD That I Made for a Group Art Show,
Wherein I Sold Nothing.  

Another Piece That I Made For the Same Show.
This One Was Not Displayed.
It Looks a Lot Cooler in the Frame. 

A Drawing Commissioned from my Friend Kelly for a Tattoo
That the Artist Refused to do Because It was too Detailed.
I Know These Things, I Just Can't Help It.

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Blues Guys

Some more drawings for Fuel Label Group. 

Freddie King CD Cover

J.B. Lenoir CD Cover

Robert Lockwood Jr.

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This is The First of Some Illustrations I've Done for Fuel Label Group

Freddie King, For a Future Fuel Release

J. B. Lenoir, another upcoming Fuel release
Howlin' Wolf

Blind Willie Johnson

John Fahey, Past and Further Past

Lightnin' Hopkins

Mississippi John Hurt

Son House

Congolese Electro Funk

This is a CD cover for  Congolese Electro Funk band le Dragon Noir, for their album "Kinshasa Mantra" that was released though Belgian label 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some More Work (After About a Hundred Years)

A Present For Kierre
(Curse of the Cat People)

Present For Tony
(John Goodman)

Cassette Cover For Jacques Duvall
(French Pop Singer)

T-Shirt Design For The Happening
(Rejected, Then Used For Cassette)

T-Shirt Design For The Happening
(Unused. So Far.)
Gloria Swanson
(This was a Present, But I'm Not Certain Who I Gave It To. Jess, I Think)

The Graduate
(Commissioned By Tyler, For His Girlfriend)

Ancient Heat
(Commissioned For Brendan For X-Mas)

On The Waterfront
(Commissioned By Jess, For Duncan, For Valentines Day)