Monday, August 22, 2011

Nineteen Drawings of Bruce McCulloch

These were made for an art show at Cruzroom that I split with fellow Kids in the Hall fans Rachel Mulder and Tony Hix. I ended up making 22 or 23, but these are the ones that made it into the show.


  1. Just redirected from The Death of Society - aka Faceboor. Well worth the trip, love the drawing style.

  2. Hey Matthew - Ben Brockman here! I love this stuff, man! I just got my old blog back up and running. I gotta talk to ya soon man! Lots is new and I miss you. Sorry to be out of touch!

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  4. Kids in the Hall
    ‎(Tavie) Artist Matthew Nicely made 19+ drawings of Bruce McCulloch for an art show - they're stunning!

    Matthew Nicely: Nineteen Drawings of Bruce McCulloch
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    Jennifer Allison Oh my, that is so creepy and enjoyable!
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    Grace K. Gheen Fantastic!
    August 23 at 10:21am · Like

    Sherri C. Costa ‎"Potato Salad Lady"-yay, my fav!
    August 23 at 10:24am · Like

    Liz Solo wow, nice
    August 23 at 10:25am · Like

    Nicole Labbe mix, mix/stir, stir/i married young/it's all a blur
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    Mathieu Duval GET BACK TO WOOOOOORK!!!!
    August 23 at 10:31am · Like

    Mike Bohl Brucio is my favorite kid. So this pleases me greatly.
    August 23 at 10:31am · Like

    Darren Fajcz Wow, these are fantastic. Work Pig Guy!!!
    August 23 at 10:39am · Like

    Michelle Hilderbrand i love bruce. yay!
    August 23 at 10:42am · Like

    Kass Blúm Do you have a page, Matthew Nicely? These are fantastic in both concept and execution. Well done.
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    Christian LeBlanc OH! MY! GOD! These are awesome!!! Please let us know if these are available for purchase, in like an ashcan comic form, or what have you!
    August 23 at 11:01am · Like

    Joan Hunter Iovino Nicely done!! ;)
    August 23 at 11:01am · Like

    Tim Higgins With all these cable channels someone won't pickup some syndication. Every time I pilfer one of the lines from your show People think its funny. Whose your Manager? Get some playtime. Lease it to DirecTv for their Channel. Damn you Kids!
    August 23 at 11:02am · Like

    Tim Higgins meddling kids at that!
    August 23 at 11:03am · Like

    Christian LeBlanc This is in Portland, Oregon? Why is this city so ludicrously cool?!
    August 23 at 11:05am · Like

    Benjamin Gerow my peeeeeennnnnnn!
    August 23 at 11:09am · Like

    Louise Shea AMAZING! I think though there needs to be a picture made of Bruce as Kathy!!!
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    Erik Tinberg These are all amazing. I tip my hat to Tavie!
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    Kids in the Hall ‎(T) I tip my hat to Google Alerts, and to Mr. Nicely!
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    Mary MacVoy That is AAAALL kinds of AWEsome! Kudos to Matthew and congrats to Bruce for having such a cool fan. :D
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    FissureFilms The new Canadian postage stamps are here!
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    Anita Dekok amazing!
    August 24 at 10:06am · Like

    Elizabeth Montour these are the daves i know i know, these are the daves i know...
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    Ben Davis Brockman this is my childhood friend matthew's blog. he isn't on facebook - so i'll send him your regards! thanks tavie for posting this!!!!! i hope he isn't mad at me for passing this along.
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