Saturday, May 4, 2013

20 Drawings of Mugshots of People No Longer Allowed in My Work

These are drawings I made from our "No Buy List," a list of people very reasonably suspected of stealing from and/or selling stolen property to Everyday Music, where I work. 
Some of these people made a few bad decisions, in many cases due to drug use and disinfranchisment, and it is not my purpose to mock them for their hardships. But some of them are unrepentant scumbags, and all of them are suspect milling around a retail establishment. It is an ongoing project that is fun, and done mostly for my own edification, with a secondary purpose of alerting clerks and shop owners of potential threats, but a project I have some scruples over. I think laughing at those "Busted" magazines a little creepy, too.

Jonathan Freeman

Melissa Megrath

Ramon Escalderon

Roy Wyatt

Ryan M. Sides

Sean Stipe

William McGrew

Carson Meyrick

Austin Baker

David Scafidi

Dustin Mainard

Christopher Ewing

Clifton Chambers

Johnthan C. Derito

Yolanda Belgard

Christopher Parise

Ray Junior Seamster
Addendum: A friend of one of the people I had drawn on this post contacted me to tell me that his friend had died and asked me to remove the drawing, which I have done. It is not my intention to humiliate any of these people. I have to look at these photographs as part of my job, and I thought it might be helpful for other record store employees.  


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  2. It's very neat and super special that you have found an outlet for your art. That being said, you are making every single one of these individual's lives slightly worse by doing this. Do something else.

  3. My son William McGrew passed away last fall. You said you've removed the drawing, which is a blatant lie. If you don't remove the picture within 48 hours, I will be forced to take legal action for slander among other things. Might have to make a visit to your place of employment. I agree with Patrick 100%, you need to do something else and really consider taking this page down. You say it would be helpful to other record store employees...? Yet you post the names of peoples sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers for the entire world to read at the click of a button, not just your record store buddies. Find another way, maybe an email to local music stores, ANYTHING BUT THIS.... and yes, you have made each one of these individuals lives more than "slightly" worse

  4. please remove the picture of will mcgrew. he had a long uphill battle and it's over now. its time to take it down.